A non-comercial board game project designed by me and my brother - Vu Van Duy, Concept Artist at HIKER GAMES.

Both of us love games. Both of us love designing. Both of us love DOTA. My brothers and I have 5 - 6 chance to gather a year. We used to play games together each time we met, but now phones and tablets are more popular. We had an idea: Why not design an own board game to play together? A "DOTA 2" board game?
And we DID it!
Forget the phones now!

Combat map and cards

How to play?

We will provide a RULE BOOK later.

In this game, we have two MAPS:

  • World map: We use this map to move Player using Dice

    world map

    2 or 4 players in 2 teams RADIANT and DIRE will move, farm, combat,... and one team WIN when they attacked opponent's ANCIENT 2 times.

  • Combat map: when 2 players encounter, use this map and CARDS to battle.

    combat map

    Each player places 5 of his Hero cards to his side. Each side has 2 rows, front row usually for melee and back row for ranged hero. Combat system is ROLE-PLAY: each side takes turn and uses one hero in one turn respectively. Each hero can attack or use their unique skill until HP down to 0. When all heroes are dead, your side lose the combat.
    Winner earns item(s) and hero(s), and loser will be back to the ANCIENT (check RULE BOOK for more info).


186 cards are divided into 3 types: Hero, Extra, Item
Move your cursor to (or touch) each card to flip:


HP Tokens helps you count heroes's HP. Each time you start a combat, place HP tokens on each hero equal to his maxHP. When your hero lost HP, remove tokens to count.

Player Tokens are used for moving on World Map. Blue tokens (Sven and Rylai) are RADIENT, when Red token (Ember and Lina) are DIRE.

Status Tokens are optional tokens. You can use them to put on player who are DEAD or FARMING to count respawn/farm turns.



A custom six-side dice designed and made by me. Use dice to move on World map and decide hero's skill/item ratio.

Our team

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Dao Duy Nam

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Vu Van Duy